Updates from the future


I’m going to be posting all new projects from now on to my company page Fay & Walter. You can also check out new stuff at my Behance site too, like this project I did for MINI & Fly.


Lightbox X Walter

I collaborated with FLY to create a special piece for Lightbox, a new TV streaming service in New Zealand. Check out the full project on my Behance page here.




Kōkako Come Back mono editions


I’ve just released a new open-run of my Kōkako Come Back print in some new colourways, only available at Endemic World. The original screenprint editions of 35 sold out really quickly so for those that missed out, here’s a chance to get one. These are gallery-quality giclée prints, using UltraChrome K3 archival inks on 210 gsm matt art paper. Available in three colours that match the respective bird’s wattles – Blue for the North Island, Yellow for the South, and a new Pink edition for the baby Kōkako.

kokako-come-back-north-hero kokako-come-back-tour-south-hero

Kārearea Squadron

Here’s another squadron decal set for the fastest bird in the New Zealand sky, the Kārearea (or NZ Falcon). I’ve seen a few of these around Wellington, usually cruising high or sitting in a tree contemplating their awesomeness. I’ve never seen them at top speed though, and I’ve heard stories of them taking out a fellow native bird (poor Kererū) at over 200km/h. This design is all about speed with a hint of the crazy.




These are only available at Endemic World, as a 420 × 420 gallery quality giclée print on 210 gsm matt art stock.


Kākā Squadron

No matter how many times I see a Kākā screech past my window it never gets old. I get the same buzz I did as a kid watching the RNZAF Skyhawks and Strikemasters blitz past my country school. This is the second in the series of my Squadron prints, the first being the Tuī-inspired Kowhai Squadron. Now I think Tuī are nutters, but Kākā take it to the next level – they are unhinged loons. They are involved in a lot of dogfights – usually with their mates – and they seem to think everyone in the area needs to know about it.




This is a 3-colour screenprint on G.F Smith Colorplan 270gsm ‘Stone’ coloured stock, hand-signed, numbered and embossed edition of 100. 550 × 550 mm.





Tīeke Tour

This is the final in my Wattlebird gig poster series, Tīeke Tour.

Once unceremoniously ‘expatriated’ from New Zealand’s mainland and exiled to perform only on small islands, the Tīeke (Saddleback) has yet to fully recover to tour its homeland once again. Unlike the Tuī, Kākā, Kererū, Riroriro (and even Karearea!) that regularly fly past my window, I’m yet to spot a Tīeke.

South ‘Taukihepa’ Edition
North ‘Taranga’ Edition

Screen-printed in two colours on 216gsm Environment paper stock ala Kōkako Come Back and The Huia Show. Availabel in the North ‘Taranga’ Edition, and South ‘Taukihepa’ Edition. 750mm × 500mm, edition of 60 each, hand-signed and embossed.




Also available in a remixed A4-sized letterpress edition.

Walter x Greenpeace

I had the privilege of designing the poster promoting the 2013 tour of the new Rainbow Warrior – make sure you get along and check out the state-of-the-art ship!

I was inspired by the great graphic designer and typographer Cassandre, and aimed to convey the history, future, and fight of the storied Rainbow Warrior. There are two versions, a limited-run offset print, and the street version you may see around town. The typeface in the limited version is Graphik by Christian Schwartz, and for the street version I used Jockey by Type Together.

Limited-run version:




Street version: