Chirp – Letterpress goodness

Photo: Magpie Press

This is my follow-up to Sing – I’m pretty stoked with how this one turned out. It’s entitled Chirp, and it’s a 220 x 220mm letterpress piece expertly printed for me by Magpie Press. It’s printed onto 500gsm Somerset stock, making it lush n’ hefty.

More compact than Sing, but now packed with 30% more birds, including two types of native duck!


Prints for sale

I’ve struck up a deal with the good folks at to be my exclusive online seller – head on over and get em while they last. My first screenprint Sing is available now, with new works becoming available in the coming weeks.

Work in progress

This one has been in the works for a long time… perhaps too long, so I use the word progress loosely. It may not see the light of day (I have five more pieces in the works that seemed to have jumped the queue) but here’s a couple of small sections. Look out for the queue-jumpers making it to print over the next few weeks.

This one started with some crass kiwi slang and a beautiful blackletter typeface called Agincourt by english type designer David Quay – I began customising it and it grew into a rather overwhelming type-illustration. Here’s hoping I can get it on paper (or maybe plywood?) in the not-too-distant future.

Screenprint – Sing

This is my first print, Sing. Featuring typefaces designed by Joseph Churchward and birds designed by New Zealand.

Two colours, screenprinted on lush 220 gsm Conqueror laid paper. Limited edition of 75 only. Hand-signed and numbered.

360 x 850 mm.

I’m not sure if it was a coincidence, but the night after I got these back from the printers a Kākā (aka Bush Parrot) woke me up at 3.20 am. Hmmm…

Printed with UV inks – creates a nice sheen when the light bounces off.

The print in its natural surroundings. Recommended for inside use only.