Kārearea Squadron

Here’s another squadron decal set for the fastest bird in the New Zealand sky, the Kārearea (or NZ Falcon). I’ve seen a few of these around Wellington, usually cruising high or sitting in a tree contemplating their awesomeness. I’ve never seen them at top speed though, and I’ve heard stories of them taking out a fellow native bird (poor Kererū) at over 200km/h. This design is all about speed with a hint of the crazy.




These are only available at Endemic World, as a 420 × 420 gallery quality giclée print on 210 gsm matt art stock.



Kākā Squadron

No matter how many times I see a Kākā screech past my window it never gets old. I get the same buzz I did as a kid watching the RNZAF Skyhawks and Strikemasters blitz past my country school. This is the second in the series of my Squadron prints, the first being the Tuī-inspired Kowhai Squadron. Now I think Tuī are nutters, but Kākā take it to the next level – they are unhinged loons. They are involved in a lot of dogfights – usually with their mates – and they seem to think everyone in the area needs to know about it.




This is a 3-colour screenprint on G.F Smith Colorplan 270gsm ‘Stone’ coloured stock, hand-signed, numbered and embossed edition of 100. 550 × 550 mm.