Lightbox X Walter

I collaborated with FLY to create a special piece for Lightbox, a new TV streaming service in New Zealand. Check out the full project on my Behance page here.





Walter x Greenpeace

I had the privilege of designing the poster promoting the 2013 tour of the new Rainbow Warrior – make sure you get along and check out the state-of-the-art ship!

I was inspired by the great graphic designer and typographer Cassandre, and aimed to convey the history, future, and fight of the storied Rainbow Warrior. There are two versions, a limited-run offset print, and the street version you may see around town. The typeface in the limited version is Graphik by Christian Schwartz, and for the street version I used Jockey by Type Together.

Limited-run version:




Street version:


HOME New Zealand x Walter

The excellent HOME New Zealand magazine asked me to do a piece they could use for their tea towel bundle. One day, possibly in the distant future, designs in this series I call Decorative Panels will make their way onto some beautiful materials for your walls.

Make sure to subscribe to the HOME blog too.

Metro x Walter

The team at Metro Magazine was kind enough to ask me to illustrate the cover for their deluxe September 2011 issue. With art direction from Metro’s Matt Moss. If you’re outside of Auckland you’ll see it on the back cover, Mr Richie McCaw made the front for the rest of the country. Fair enough too.

Final product printed in CMYK + 2 spot colours – lime green and mmmmmmetallic silver.

Dandini Comes Clean – Paintings by Robert McLeod

This book has recently been published by PAULNACHE, one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary art dealers. It’s a look back at the last 10 years of Wellington-based artist Robert McLeod’s amazing body of work. Go here for loads of photos showing the design of the book. McLeod’s paintings are brilliant, see some more of his work here or on his Facebook page.

ASB x Walter

I was fortunate enough to be asked to do a piece for ASB, as a part of their huge brand repositioning by Droga5. Read more about it here. My brief was to interpret ASB’s new manifesto, and this is the result. I hope it entertains those of you sitting idly until the bus arrives. Or doesn’t arrive, as is often the case.

Update: check out some pics of the press ad and concept sketch at my Bēhance page.