Lightbox X Walter

I collaborated with FLY to create a special piece for Lightbox, a new TV streaming service in New Zealand. Check out the full project on my Behance page here.





Tīeke Tour


This is the third and final individual gig poster design in the Wattlebirds seriesThe Tīeke (aka Saddleback) were unceremoniously expatriated from mainland New Zealand due to the introduction of stoats, rats and other undesirables. Fortunately they didn’t go the way of their Huia relatives, and managed to survive on islands and continue to perform their popular tunes. A mainland comeback tour may be on the cards.


The titling font is my custom design based on the proportions of Trade Gothic. This is an A4 letterpress piece, printed by Magpie Press on 500 gsm Somerset stock, signed and limited to 70.



Introducing Kaimoana, another letterpress print. Like its airborne cousin Chirp it features typefaces by Joseph Churchward, is printed in two colours on 500gsm Somerset board, limited to 70 copies, and printed by Magpie Press. The mix of type is different to Chirp, with some lively and playful JC fonts that exude a bustling, bountiful ocean vibe. Or maybe a fish n chip shop at the beach vibe.

Some names may be cause for debate – who calls a Kahawai a Sea-trout? Hopefully some good can come of this raging debate, by helping promote awareness that an alarming number of these species are endangered, according to Forest & Bird.

Available online at Endemicworld and in the paper at Popup Gallery in Wellys.

Mighty magpie maulers

Even though I’m a fan of the Magpie (of the avian and Hawke’s Bay rugby variety), my loyalty lies with the Tui. This letterpress piece rounds off the Kowhai Squadron suite. Brilliantly and somewhat ironically printed for me by Magpie Press in two colours on cream 600 gsm Saunders Waterford fine art board, 220mm x 220mm. Available at Endemicworld.

Chirp – Letterpress goodness

Photo: Magpie Press

This is my follow-up to Sing – I’m pretty stoked with how this one turned out. It’s entitled Chirp, and it’s a 220 x 220mm letterpress piece expertly printed for me by Magpie Press. It’s printed onto 500gsm Somerset stock, making it lush n’ hefty.

More compact than Sing, but now packed with 30% more birds, including two types of native duck!