Kowhai Squadron – Low Visibility Editions

Here’s Part II of the Kowhai Squadron suite – the Low Visibility Editions. Taking cues from military fighter planes’ grey-on-grey paint jobs, these are screenprinted in metallic silver on beautiful 270 gsm Mohawk Via Felt paper stock, in an edition of 40 black and 40 cream. 500 x 500 mm, hand signed, numbered and embossed. Get yours at the Popup Gallery in Wellington, or online at Endemicworld.


Prints for sale

I’ve struck up a deal with the good folks at endemicworld.com to be my exclusive online seller – head on over and get em while they last. My first screenprint Sing is available now, with new works becoming available in the coming weeks.

Work in progress

This one has been in the works for a long time… perhaps too long, so I use the word progress loosely. It may not see the light of day (I have five more pieces in the works that seemed to have jumped the queue) but here’s a couple of small sections. Look out for the queue-jumpers making it to print over the next few weeks.

This one started with some crass kiwi slang and a beautiful blackletter typeface called Agincourt by english type designer David Quay – I began customising it and it grew into a rather overwhelming type-illustration. Here’s hoping I can get it on paper (or maybe plywood?) in the not-too-distant future.